Man, X-wing9 really does not sound like a bad alias. I like it, and would probably stay with it for a long time; but now I plan on actually making music, and getting myself known out there. Maybe even profit out of this. Work on making music for videogames, being a sound designer for media in general. That would be badass.

But I have the feeling that if I stick with this name, I WILL regret it.

1. People will confuse me with a Star Wars hardcore fan. This already happened to me before, not in an offensive way, but it's rather disconcerting. They just assume I know everything about the series, when I actually just like it without being a hardcore fan. Maybe my alias would clog up the searches for the actual ship, I dunno. :P

2. Adding to the topic above, I might get in trouble with LucasArts. If my works ever reach the "profiting" stage, even though they're usually light on this sort of issue (never saw them sue anyone), they might be able to sue me for using the name of their ship as my alias. It's a pretty fucking annoying risk I'd rather not take.

3. The name is essentially the "[cool thing name][numbers]" nickname that usually spells "internet n00b". I wanna get something more unique, one that doesn't infringe copyright issues or address me as a stupid kid.

So yeah. I can't come up with something cool to replace my everlasting nickname. There is this probability that I will change it though. For my actual albums I might just use my own fucking name, but an alias would be pretty cool. Basically, I might create a new account. In case I do so, there will be a news post directing everyone to the new, not badly named page. So if you see my works there, dom't call me a thief of my own work. :3

God, I'm overthinking this really hard.

"X-wing9" doesn't sound very professional...